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Second Chances

When I first saw Alexander Wang's fall line back in February
I was disappointed I will be honest. I only saw the runway 
shots, and I wasn't thrilled by how the show was styled. The 
pieces themselves are beautiful, but I was turned off by the 
final product. I finally went back to check out the website
just now, and lesson learned, I will never pass judgment 
from a runway show again. The inspirations video for the 
fall line features the XX Infinity Fluffronix remix....enough 
said. You guys know I love dubstep and for a designer like 
him to support definitely makes me have major respect.
The video below
Here are the inspiration shots. Love the lace velvet jacket, 
so genius...

Then I had to go back and review the runway shots and there 
really are beautiful pieces in there. The man killed it with
velvet... in a great way...here are some that stood out...

Love the pants, but the styling of the upper half is weak in 
my opinion


I know I am probably behind on this, and many of you have 
seen the video already, but I had to share. It really won me 
over, and lesson learned...everyone deserves a second chance.