It’s in the Jeans

When I was in 8th grade my dad created J Brand. From that moment on a huge part of my life was going downtown to the factory and contributing what I could in helping my dad build this amazing brand. I have learned so much a long the way that has shaped my perspective in fashion, and appreciation of the industry.

These are my favorites from each season.

811 Vintage Bandana

Coney Island Shoot

403 Coated Bowie

1214 Aiden

835 Vintage Star

2311 Maria in Mayem

821 Zoey in Lipstick

811 Brights in Royal Blue and Bright Red


2 responses to “It’s in the Jeans

  1. love ur blog, i live in argentina and and from los angeles, i love j brand i cant even begin to tell you how i stock up on jeans everytime i go back to los angeles. in saying that YOU TELL YOUR KICK ASS DAD TO SHIP THEM HERE!!!!! PLEASE!!

    love ur BA pictures!

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