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Thank you, I’ll come again

wut is it? A shoot I did with my friend Awol Erizku in his studio for his tumlbr Thank You Come Again. It was so fun, but so sad considering it was his second to last day in his NYC studio before heading off to grad school at…Yale. Did I mention he is a ridiculously talented artist? Awol had a very successful show this summer at Hasted Kraeutler gallery in Chelsea, the mecca for contemporary art dealers in New York… and he is only 24.

So Awol, Thank you, I will come again…

(Shirt- J Brand, Jeans- J Brand- Shoes- Sacha, Sun Glasses- Cutler an Gross)


Fashion Forward

wut is it? A game changer for style conscious urban bicyclists everywhere (including me)… the invisible helmet. I recently became a city bicyclist, after years of wanting to own a bike, I finally jumped the gun and got one. It has changed my nyc commuting life for good. But of course my worried parents made me promise to wear a helmet, and with little protest I agreed. (I value my life over my fashion choices… nyc taxi cabs are lethal.)

Swedish engineering company  Hövding created this fashion forward design. It is a neck collar you zip around your neck that inflates within 100 milliseconds once the sensors detect abnormal movement… so essentially an airbag for your head. The collars come in different colors and designs that can be changed daily to match your outfit… this is too good, a stylish neck scarf and no helmet hair? Where do I sign up.

Watch the video below for details… skip to the end it see how it works 

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

Click here to read further information 

19 yr old…..TALENT

who is it? Pedro Lourenco, a 19 yr old designer from Brazil.
His parents are both fashion designers, and he started making
clothing when he was 12. I was blown away by what this young
talent can create...His spring 11 collection just showed in
Paris, and he shows a promising future as a great designer of
my generation.

He also proves my firm belief the future of fashion lies 
in South America.....

I Know these pieces may not be wearable for some, 
but they are still unbelievable, and a  19 yr old 
brain created them.....Oh and he loves sports...

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