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12th Planet Video

I am currently working away in a coffee shop on a profile
I am doing on my buddy 12th planet for my journalism class 
(if you don't know, he is an LA based dubstep/electro DJ)...
thought I would share his sick music video for Reasons(Doctor 
P Remix) with Juakali....John was nice enough to let me
interview him for my profile article....what a 
funny/nice/smart/ suuuuuper talented guy... known him for 
a little less than a year now but never got to get that in was awesome...he really knows his stuff, I learned 
a lotabout dubstep and its origins.
Side note: the shots of downtown LA are dope.....
yeahhh that's my home city

If you have not seen him live you must put it at the top of 
your list nowwww, that is of course if your a dub step junkie
like myself. He blows my mind every time....
Check out his myspace page for more....

Second Chances

When I first saw Alexander Wang's fall line back in February
I was disappointed I will be honest. I only saw the runway 
shots, and I wasn't thrilled by how the show was styled. The 
pieces themselves are beautiful, but I was turned off by the 
final product. I finally went back to check out the website
just now, and lesson learned, I will never pass judgment 
from a runway show again. The inspirations video for the 
fall line features the XX Infinity Fluffronix remix....enough 
said. You guys know I love dubstep and for a designer like 
him to support definitely makes me have major respect.
The video below
Here are the inspiration shots. Love the lace velvet jacket, 
so genius...

Then I had to go back and review the runway shots and there 
really are beautiful pieces in there. The man killed it with
velvet... in a great are some that stood out...

Love the pants, but the styling of the upper half is weak in 
my opinion


I know I am probably behind on this, and many of you have 
seen the video already, but I had to share. It really won me 
over, and lesson learned...everyone deserves a second chance.





Dub Craziness

wut is it? A Marvin Gaye Dublo Dubstep remix that blew 
my mind when my friend Danica dropped it on the way 
to Laguna.
Had to share....