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Pop, Block, Colors

wut is it? The big spring and summer trend: color blocking 
with bright colors. At first, I will admit I was not a huge 
fan of the trend, being more monochromatic, and drawn 
to earth tones. But since most of the brights are bottoms 
(bright colors against my face... eh not too good), I have 
grown to seriously praise this trend... It's refreshing, 
and brought life back to fashion. 


(T-Shirt- Christopher Kane, Jeans- J Brand, Shoes- Complot)

(Jacket- L'agence, T-shirt- The Black Keys, Jeans- J Brand,   
Shoes- Complot)

(Shirt- J Brand, Shorts- J Brand, Shoes- Alexander Wang)

The pants were a size too big, but I made it work... 
boyfriend brights anyone? I like to keep it simple and 
not over style them, the pants say enough on their own, 
but do what you wish. Jump into this trend, they are to 
fun not to. 

And the shoot was so fun to prove it, thanks to Casino's 
great direction, and Ashley's clever prop suggestions. 

Check out more of Casino's brilliance here, or here

Bell of the Bell

wut is it? My obsession with high wasted bell bottoms. 
They are one of the best things to come out of 70's. 
They are simple, sexy, seductive... seriously what they 
do for the ass... can't argue there  

I had J Brand tweak one of their spring jeans, the Kiki, with a more dramatic flair for the birthday, because I knew it would be awesome, and they are.  Just observe and report...

(Hat- Salvation Army, Shirt- Wanama from Argentina, 
Jeans- J Brand)

(Grandpa Sweater: L'agence, Tank- Club Monaco, 
Jeans- J Brand)

This wash is perfect, and looks good with anything. 
The style team never ceases to amaze me. 

Browse the Kiki here 

Photos by Casino Nelson. So do your self a favor and 
browse his website, or tumblr

Inside scoop

wut is it? A new wash in the Agnes by J Brand. The color is 
worn hickory, a washed out Japanese twill, that will be in 
stores in the beginning of November. The Agnes is my new 
favorite style, its the perfect combination of subtle edge.

(Shirt:L'agence, Vest: I cut off the sleeves of denim Jacket, 
Jeans: J Brand)
Quick Tip:If you want the twill fabric to look even more worn 
in, I know I always do, I take a hand sander I picked up from
the hardware store and sand down near all the zippers, 
waistband, J stitch, and knee, or any area where it's already 
To see more images of this style click here
Getting this shot was not easy, but my friend Shana was 
determined, I was nervous, not going to lie, I thought I was 
going to fall and break my leg, but we did it.... and it was
worth it, thanks Shana.

Photo Credit: Shana Tauber