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wut is it? An homage to Diana Vreeland, the editor of American Vogue from 1962-1971, following her columnist stint at Harper’s Bizarre from 1937-1962. This chic fashion icon originally hailed from Paris, France, fittingly, but spent some of her youth in New York City on the upper east side, when her family fled France during WW1. 

Vreeland has the perfect mix of Parisian Class and New York Spunk. What I love about her is she defied the typical “uptight” French fashionista, and the stern editor stereotype we see in editors like Anna Wintour today (pursed lips, no smile). She laughed in photos, she was full of life, and she did a damn good job at Vogue. Her work with Richard Avedon is a vital moment in fashion history, and she is someone I strongly admire.

Her work with Richard Avidon 



wut is it? Kate moss in the 90’s, when she was a young innocent beauty, and cozied up with Johnny Depp. They made one absurdly good-looking couple, effortlessly cool, painfully beautiful… 

Dream Come True

wut is it? A photo-shoot I came across in Purple magazine that would be my styling dream come true; styling a shoot in an art exhibition.

The marriage: Carsten Holler Experience at the New Museum last fall with Purple Magazine. Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg and styled by Naomi Itkes, famous stylist and Fashion editor from Sweden, this dream team perfectly balanced art with the art of fashion. The model blends in with the exhibition, but also stands out as a piece of art herself, the clothing serving as the platform. 

I visited the exhibition last fall, and was very intrigued. Holler created spaces that are meant to make you uncomfortable and think about perception. He also plays with the state of mind, specifically when altered by drugs. The rest of the exhibition felt like a playground, with a marry-go-round on the 4th floor, and a slide that whipped you literally through the floors of the building. 

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