I’m back… again

Sorry for the hiatus, the video card on my ancient, needed to be replaced, computer died a month ago, so I was out of commission a while… basically it sucked, I’m back, and that’s all that matters.

I went to this consignment shop in the Boston area over the summer, Kiki D. Design & Consignand I walked out very, very pleased. I was having a summer shoe crisis; I don’t like sandals and I live in NY so they’re not practical, or too cute in my opinion. But these chunky Chloé heals called out to me… there black, thick strapped, masculine and will look perfect with cute socks in the fall… so this sandal is an exception to my rule.

I also picked up these high-waisted pants, and the perfect Rick Owens cocktail dress for the not so Rick Owens price… a serious steal (not in the post) 

(Jacket: Christopher Kane, Shirt: Stolen from the bf, Pants and Shoes: Kiki D Design and Consign, Glasses: Cutler and Gross) Photo credit: Casino Nelson

If you’re in the Boston area Kiki D is definitely worth the trip, it’s not your typical consignment shop, they are just the right amount of picky, with an avant-garde eye, to make their selection stand out.


3 responses to “I’m back… again

  1. Sasha,
    You are the best!!! Kiki D. invites you back anytime. Btw have a couple of great Rick Owens skirts that you would love!!!
    xoxo Beth

  2. i love this outfit it might be my fav aside from the isabel marant platforms you showed in a past post

  3. Hi Sasha, we would love to feature some of our images on our site. Could you please contact us socialmedia@anotherlove.com? Thanx!

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