My Fashion week Recap

wut is it? my 2 weeks two late recap of my fashion week experience. To get serious details read my article for The Culture Whore  

As you know, I interned for MADE fashion week at Milk Studios, and it was crazy, stressful, cool. But seriously, it is such a kick ass fashion week program, and it’s where I see the future of NYFW. 

Presentations were awesome this year, eyewear company illesteva had a live jazz band, singer, and models all wearing the glasses, get an idea from the video below.

Illesteva for NY Fashion Week Spring 2013 from Roberts Horowitz Creative on Vimeo.

Menswear Killed it.Rochambeau and Public School.

Alexander Wang‘s glow and the dark finale… no words

and then Alexander Wang‘s after party… had a f*cking blast. Die Antwoord and Busta Rhymes performed

Until February… 


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