Not too Impressed

wut is it? The Fall’12 Isabel Marant collection unfortunately I was not impressed by. She definitely has her aesthetic, but after seeing this Fall line I am ready to see her branch out of her oversized, hippie chic trademark. Yes I love her work, but what would an Isabel Marant Cocktail dress look like? I imagine it would be the perfect balance of femininity and menswear charm. The leather long sleeve dress is a nice glimpse, but I want less cowgirl, and more originality. 

These are some looks I liked, but it feels like I have seen them before. I am ready for Isabel to step it up, and throw something at me I would not expect.










To see the full runway show click here


One response to “Not too Impressed

  1. she was obviously inspired by the western culture but i feel like her interpretation could have been a lot better, seems a little dated right? she could have used unconventional colors, maybe played with different materials, def. a lil disappointed

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