Sorry for the MIA

Sorry guys for the lack of updates. Barcelona was more 
busy then expected, school was intense, as well as life. 
What an amazing summer city: beautiful architecture, 
art, beaches, night life, bars... need I say more? I was 
wrapped up in it all, and school sucked me into art over
fashion. The one thing I can say is I was not impressed 
with the street style. A lot of parachute pants, and harem 
pants with hem lines that hung too low. The people are 
incredible, I just wasn't floored with their style... 

This all being said, I am back, and working on 
upcoming posts. Going to jump right into Fall, 
because if your like me, monochromatic, monotone, 
and a layering lover then summer isn't really your 
thing. I am ready to pull out my leather, fur, boots 
oh my...

But here is a summer favorite of mine, A floral Kimono 
my mom picked up for me at Urban

(Kimono: Urban Outfitters, Dress: Riller&Fount, Shoes: 
Alexander Wang, Purse: Jersey Thrift store) Photo 
Courtesy of Nathaniel Thein-Nham Dam

And  a pair of awesome old man style loafers I picked up 
at a vintage store in Barcelona's Raval district... their 
vintage stores were very up to par, if my wallet aloud, I 
would have done more damage.

Back to the new posts, up soon.

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