Lady Like

wut is it? Celine, a line I am seriously crushing on. I 
love their angles, cuts, lapels, lady like sophistication, 
oh and their bright British artistic director Phoebe 
Philo. She was previously the artistic director for Chloe 
following Stella McCartney, who she worked under for 
years. A fun fact is she is a vegetarian and will not work 
with fur... but will work with leather, a good choice.

Fall collection favorites...

I love the lapels of the jackets, their sleek and stunning. 
I also admire the patchwork Phoebe used, especially 
on that chunky coat, I would kill for that to show up in 
my winter closet. It's an overall diverse, and beautifully
lady like fall collection.

Browse more here

2 responses to “Lady Like

  1. lady like with architectural structure. dig it!

  2. Better see you at FNO! the NY vintage event starts early! 4pm! so no excuses!!!! xo Want you to meet my boss!

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