Fun Stuff

wut is it? Some sick pieces I picked in Buenos Aires 
back in January. Because it was summer there, I got 
my hands on some insane spring/ summer gear, and 
once the season changed, I started repping Argentina 
with full force.

Here are some interpretations of what I nabbed...

(Jacket- Good Will; Tank- L'agence; Pants- Kosiuko 
from Agentina; Shoes- A-Wang; Glasses 80's vintage)

(Jacket- Salvation Army; Dress- AY NOT DEAD, Arg; 
Shoes- Complot,Arg)

I basically live in those shoes, they are effortlessly 
cute and comfortable

(T-shirt- AY NOT DEAD, Leather Shorts- Buffalo 
Exchange(the best buy); Shoes- Complot, Arg; Glasses 
courtesy of Casino Nelson- 40's vintage)

As usual photo's by the incredibly talented Casino Nelson. 
His website, and tumblr

I am off to Barcelona next week, and intend to blog about 
the style, and snap quick shots of what I am wearing too. 
Until then I am relentlessly trying to narrow down my 
wardrobe! It's hard...




2 responses to “Fun Stuff

  1. Looking good girl!
    PS. Planning a blogger event, end of August, with some designers! Very cool people! Lemme know if you want in! xo


  2. This is gorgeous Sasha! great style and shoot!

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