Some travel prep

wut is it? My on going praise for Argentine clothing 
companies. I head to Barcelona in less than a week for 
the summer, so I thought in Spanish spirit I would 
share some great stuff.

I am very excited to explore the style of the Barcelona 
denizens, clothing companies and stores oh my... but 
until then I gaze websites of clothes from across 
the Atlantic.

Coragroppo Fall 11'. It's monochromatic, dramatic, and 
so fantastic

Browse more here

Maria Cher Fall 11'. It feels like A.P.C meets Ralph 
Lauren with an Argentine flare... I am very intrigued 
and very much liking it

This might be most of the line sheet, but I loved it all; 
its versatile, classic with an edge, and right up my 

Oh and one of the fall campaign videos which promotes 
a collaboration of some kind uses Fleet Foxes... enough 
said... seriously.

Explore more here

Some of my own Argentine gems will be posted soon...





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