Maxi Motto

wut is it? My favorite trend this summer, maxi skirts 
and dresses. They are the perfect excuse to not to shave 
your legs every other day this summer, and being 
bi-coastal, when I am in New York, there is no way I 
am suffering in a pair of jeans in that humidity. 

Living in comfort is always the way to go...that is my 
maxi motto. 

Riller & Fount makes those perfect jersey dresses you 
can dress up or down. I have lived in mine since I got 
them. I think I have styled them every which way; 
belted with jackets, a t-shirt over them with combat 
boots,  a sweater over them for the chillier nights in 
LA.... the possibilities are endless. 

Some options...

(Dress: Riller & Fount- style- Amore; Jacket- J Brand; 
Sweatshirt- L'agence; Shoes- Alexander Wang)

(Dress- Riller & Fount- Style- Amore; Jacket- H&M; 
Lace Cami- Anthropology; Shoes- Alexander Wang)

Browse some cute Riller's here

All photos courtesy of Casino Nelson, browse his 2 
websites here, or here

2 responses to “Maxi Motto

  1. What size Riller & Fount dress do you recommend for being 5ft2 & 105lbs?

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