Thank me later

wut is it? Complot, one of my favorite clothing stores 
from Argentina, is now shipping to the US. And the 
best part is they converted the pesos to US dollars, 
which means it's very affordable, and so worth it.

The fall campaign

The fall campaign video

Clothes I will try not to go broke ordering... 
(it will be hard)

Everything is in Spanish on the website, but click 
Estados Unidos for the United States for the country 
to ship to when checking out. The shipping price is 
worth it, trust me, and so is the quality of the clothes.

Start shopping here, and thank me later...

2 responses to “Thank me later

  1. as i live here i have tried on this collection and every piece runs big so size down!

  2. THANKS FOR SHARING!! I’ve heard of/ seen this brand before and now def have to get more into it and get me some!!! xox


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