… no words

This was why I started my blog, to touch and inspire
people, and be touched in return

I signed onto Facebook and got this incredibly moving
message from a girl I went to high school with...

 Hey sasha,
 I don't know if you remember me but I sort of knew you
back in BHHS. I know we don't talk lol but I am sort of
stuck in a pickle and I was hoping that you could give
me some suggestions. I have to shave my hair off for a
tumor removal and I CANNOT PULL OF A SHAVED
HAIR LOOK. I am more of like jcrew classic kind. and I
don't know what to do. I have always admired your  
fashionable sense and I was hoping that you could give
me some advice if you can? sorry for sending you a
message so randomly. But I really could use all the help
that I could get. Thanks! I love your blog! btw .

I definitely remember her, and good news, she only has to
shave part of her hair to remove a benign tumor. I did
some research and Alice Dellal proves this look can work
with anything, even though she has a punk, grunge  
aesthetic, she validates confidence can make it work.




And of course bad ass

This look can work with any hair type, or color. And it's
a perfect excuse to rock head raps...

and bright, fun lipstick.

I don't think the partial shaved head should fall under
the  edgy or grunge/punk category. Life happens, and some
people have to shave their heads to prolong it. So be it,
this hair style works with anyone, because it says "I have
survived, and I am beautiful for that."... even if you are
the person who does it to make a statement, like Alice. 

Confidence is key, and hair is just a material attribute
to beauty, it grows back, and the person is what should
make up their radiance, not the mop on their head.  

Nat proves hair is minuscule to a persons beauty...

Even without makeup.

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