Bell of the Bell

wut is it? My obsession with high wasted bell bottoms. 
They are one of the best things to come out of 70's. 
They are simple, sexy, seductive... seriously what they 
do for the ass... can't argue there  

I had J Brand tweak one of their spring jeans, the Kiki, with a more dramatic flair for the birthday, because I knew it would be awesome, and they are.  Just observe and report...

(Hat- Salvation Army, Shirt- Wanama from Argentina, 
Jeans- J Brand)

(Grandpa Sweater: L'agence, Tank- Club Monaco, 
Jeans- J Brand)

This wash is perfect, and looks good with anything. 
The style team never ceases to amaze me. 

Browse the Kiki here 

Photos by Casino Nelson. So do your self a favor and 
browse his website, or tumblr

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