Lykke Love

who is she? Lykke Li, if you weren't already aware of 
this Swedish sensation, google now, get familiar, and 
fall in love. Not only is her music unique, emotional, 
catchy, and on repeat in my daily life these days, but 
her personal style, and attitude define my way of life.  
Li is a current role model of mine, she dresses 
authentically her own, and she is not afraid to say 
exactly what she thinks.

After reading the Fader magazine article which was 
mostly her streaming conscience on the music world, 
love, and living, my admiration for her was fortified. 
She admitted digging deep was hard for her sophomore 
record, and acknowledged learning that relationships 
should be easy, and grow at a slow pace; that this 
infatuation "love at first sight" is bullshit, and never 
works out. She has balls to speak authentically, and it's 
comforting to hear her praise the strength in a 
developing love, and exploiting the disasters in fast 
paced toxic love. More people need to jump  on her 
train of thought

She wears an over abundance of rings, and everything 
over-sized... I think my reasons for Lykke love are 

Here is one of my favorite videos of her singing with 
Bon Iver in Venice, Cali... golden


One response to “Lykke Love

  1. We actually just styled her for a recent photo shoot for a magazine…forget what mag..maybe Nylon? Could that be right? Anyway, she wore one of our YSL Capes! I was not very aware of her until recently! But she is so frigggggin’ cool! :)


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