Life Footage: fall’11 fashion week

This was my most hectic fashion week yet. Between 
interning at Paper magazine, and J Brand sponsoring 
milk studios, there were shows, parties, and open bars.. 
oh my . The energy at Milk was intense but refreshing. I 
never even made my way over to Lincoln center, I am 
boycotting. Fashion shows should be done in studios, 
the tents at Bryant Park are a mere image of the past, 
so its time for fashion week to evolve. If it can't be 
Bryant... then hip studios have a better aesthetic and 
are far more interesting to curate fashion shows in... 
but that is just my opinion. 

The launch: Milk Studios fashion week launch party 
Wednesday night. It was full of trendy fashion youngsters 
and The National. 

Good looking crowd, incredible band...

a guys kind of girl... (L'agence leather jacket, thrift 
store flannel) 

Disposables as usual...

The National.... very good live, love a good intimate 

When I wasn't busy interning for Paper, or swamped 
with school work I squeezed in a show, and a party. 

Altuzarra Saturday night with the pops, a great one 
to fit in.

Baller status... after years of standing I paid my dues 
Looks I loved

Favorites: the coats, the shoes.

Next that night was the Vice party back at Milk 

(Jacket: Zara, Tank: L'agence, Skirt: Urban Outfitters 
(sale steal) 

Ashley after her door duties were complete

Then to finish off one of the longest weeks I have had in 
a while I went to dinner at the Jane hotel with Beth 
Newman, in-house PR for J Brand

(Turban: Particia Field, Jacket: L'agence, Graphic T: 
Marc Jacobs, Jeans: J Brand, shoes: Complot) 

Last Friday was a tease February.... its back to heavy 
coats as we anxiously await spring 


One response to “Life Footage: fall’11 fashion week

  1. congrats on the interning job! great post! too bad we didn’t run into each other! we have to PLAN something ! :)

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