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Life Footage: fall’11 fashion week

This was my most hectic fashion week yet. Between 
interning at Paper magazine, and J Brand sponsoring 
milk studios, there were shows, parties, and open bars.. 
oh my . The energy at Milk was intense but refreshing. I 
never even made my way over to Lincoln center, I am 
boycotting. Fashion shows should be done in studios, 
the tents at Bryant Park are a mere image of the past, 
so its time for fashion week to evolve. If it can't be 
Bryant... then hip studios have a better aesthetic and 
are far more interesting to curate fashion shows in... 
but that is just my opinion. 

The launch: Milk Studios fashion week launch party 
Wednesday night. It was full of trendy fashion youngsters 
and The National. 

Good looking crowd, incredible band...

a guys kind of girl... (L'agence leather jacket, thrift 
store flannel) 

Disposables as usual...

The National.... very good live, love a good intimate 

When I wasn't busy interning for Paper, or swamped 
with school work I squeezed in a show, and a party. 

Altuzarra Saturday night with the pops, a great one 
to fit in.

Baller status... after years of standing I paid my dues 
Looks I loved

Favorites: the coats, the shoes.

Next that night was the Vice party back at Milk 

(Jacket: Zara, Tank: L'agence, Skirt: Urban Outfitters 
(sale steal) 

Ashley after her door duties were complete

Then to finish off one of the longest weeks I have had in 
a while I went to dinner at the Jane hotel with Beth 
Newman, in-house PR for J Brand

(Turban: Particia Field, Jacket: L'agence, Graphic T: 
Marc Jacobs, Jeans: J Brand, shoes: Complot) 

Last Friday was a tease February.... its back to heavy 
coats as we anxiously await spring 


To die for

wut is it? AY NOT DEAD, an Argentine clothing company 
that kicks ass. Here is there fall/winter look book. 
Clever composition, to die for clothes...

The yummy men's look book...

Argentina has an infectious youth culture, it exudes 
effortless confidence, and it shows in their bold clothing 
that dares to go there.

Add campaign shots I loved

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