To cool for school

wut is it? Complot, another store in Argentina that makes
all those stores in America who try so hard to be cool, look
like pretentious "trend setters" (Urban Outfitters,
American Apparel, etc,  though we are all guilty of

This store doesn't aim for an image like most trendy,
indie, hipster stores in the states. They have an aesthetic
and stick to it. But then girls like me, or Steph, who have
vastly different styles, can find items and make them our

Spring/Summer Lookbook shots I loved... get ideas, it will
be here soon

(I own the these shoes... so sick, so comfy)

It's a very well-balanced collection of rock n roll bad ass,
feminine floral, to cool for school chic, and its very well
styled. I like the pairing of clashing prints, they work. I
would mark check on them all. 

To see more click here, and watch the campaign video...

2 responses to “To cool for school

  1. LOVE the grunge appeal! So into this!

  2. love it, great blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

    Fashion by He

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