Inspirations Vol 1

wut are they? The people, places, and things that fuel my
existence. As I grow, things change and so do the people...

The Women: These are the women from my childhood I
always admired and looked up to... and still do.
Because my passion is acting, they would be three actress'.
As a girl I was drawn to their talent, beauty, poise, and

Audrey Hepburn: Though there are many phenomenal
classic actress's I love to watch, (Katherine Hepburn, Betty
Davis, Anne Bancroft... the list never ends) I fell in little
girl love with Audrey the moment I stumbled upon her
photo. I  asked my mom who she was, saw My Fair Lady,
Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany's... them all.

She was beautiful with THICK eyebrows, and big brown
eyes, two things I was constantly ridiculed for in elementary
school. She gave me hope that I would one day be beautiful.
I worked hard to establish her gift in acting, but what
drew me in was after I read her biography and learned
how much she had done with UNICEF for children in Africa.
If there is anything I accomplish in my life, it is giving
all the help I can to the unfortunate children suffering in
third world countries.

Effortless Class, Elegant, Compassionate... the ideal women

As I grew older, the product of having an older brother,
I was scruffier, into sports, and became fascinated with
Angelina Jolie. When I saw Girl Interrupted, and Gia I was
deep into acting, and though I was mad for Audrey, I related
to Angelina. My childhood wasn't seamless, it had its storms,
and there was a darkness Angelina could tap into that I
connected to. I was learning how to act and found I could
tap into my darker side smoother than I could my lighter
side. Not to say one is better than the other, they both
play fascinating characters.

She had a pain in her eyes, and whenever I saw her act,
interviewed, or even a picture, I understood her, and
through this felt I understood. As years passed she got
through her pain and evolved into a beautifully poised,
tenacious woman, giving me hope the storms would pass,
and I would be alright. The tabloids can say what want
about her, but when those writers do half as much
humanitarian work this amazing women does...
I still won't listen

Ballsy, Strong, Uninhibited... The woman I am growing into

Her evolution

I always loved this actress, but after seeing Garden State,
and Closer, she moved to role model status. She is petite,
a brunette, and has captivating presence on film that I hope
to have one day. Natalie Portman is not only stunning,
charming, and wildly talented, but she graduated from
Harvard with  psych degree, is meddling her way into
directing, and she manages to stay out of the tabloids and
lead a normal life. For someone aspiring to act, going to
college, and wanting to direct one day, it just makes sense
to look up to Nat.... oh and she dated Devendra Banhart

Intelligent, Ambitious, Humble.... The young woman I am
... well I hope so

These are 2 women in my recent years I have added to the list

Drew Barrymore: After seeing Whip it, I really admired the
strong female point of view she committed too for the film.
And in every interview I read with Drew she comes off down 
to earth, authentic, and speaks from within...for someone 
with her star status, major props.

Genuine, Independent...

Sharyn Gold: She owns S.A.M showroom in Los Angeles,
and is my real life role model... meaning I am lucky enough
to have her tangible, and don't have to admire from a
distance. She is strong, hilarious, and one of the  most
compassionate, genuine people I know. She dresses like a
true bad ass, doesn't care about what anybody thinks, and
gives the best advice. Sunday visits at her house in Venice
Beach are the best.

The Real Deal

She would pull off a white suit she altered, a vintage
rolling stones T, and Channel shoes at a black tie event.
As I keep blogging, more inspirations will pop up,: art ones,
fashion ones, people ones...

2 responses to “Inspirations Vol 1

  1. phenomenal women is right! again, feeling like we are inspired by similar people! when are we getting together again girl!? need to catch up and hear some more about your trip! I am going to DUBAI in March, you should come!!!
    Get in touch! Stop by New York Vintage sometime soon too! xoxo


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