Life footage: Buenos Aires

wut was it? Only the best trip of my life. Beautiful sunny
city, shopping until my bank account failed me, and partying
until the sun rose... I could not have asked for a better

The clothes... well I will let you decide, you  know
where I stand

Here are disposable snapshots of the trip

(click to view larger)
Tank: Maria Cher, Arg, Skirt: Vintage from Paris, Shoes:
Paruolo, Arg, Glasses: SEE, NYC, if you need new
prescription glasses, go there, pretty well priced

Location: Soho Palermo, Bs As

On me: T-Shirt: Devendra Banhart from Complot, Arg...
literally screamed when I found it on the rack. Jeans:
J Brand Agnes, Shoes: Complot, Arg

On Steph: Shirt: Complot, Arg, Leggings: American
Apparel, Shoes: Kosiuko, Arg

Location: Sugar Bar in Palermo, Bs As

Shirt: Complot, Arg, Jumper: Urban Outfitters, Shoes:
Complot, Arg, Bag: Dooney and Burke 1970's vintage

Location: Vicente Lopez, Bs As

Jacket: Good Will, Jumper: AY Not Dead, Arg, Shoes:
Fairfax, LA flea market

Location: Vicente Lopez, Bs As... ( I know the pic quality
sucks but this jumper was to cute)

NYE: Blouse: L'agence, Skirt: J Brand Legging, Shoes:
Jeffrey Campbell

Shirt: L'agence, Shorts: J Brand, Shoes: Zara

Location:  speakeasy called Franks, if you go to Bs As I
highly recommend

The shoe purchases

Enough fashion...

Bs As

El Tigre, Bs As

Taking pics of street art.... habit

Exhibit A

dulce de leche heaven

At Wherever Bar, Bs As... repping the west coast, and not
as tan yet...

Been meaning to read this for years now, finally had the
time... 1/3 through, and am inspired by Kerouac's writing
style: visual, to the point, cup of tea.

Links to stores where I did damage

Maria Cher

Untill next year, can't wait...

One response to “Life footage: Buenos Aires

  1. Looks like you had an AMAZING time! Thanks for sharing :)
    Couldn’t wait to see these pics! Would love to catch up sometime soon! xoxo

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