From France to Japan

Going shopping in Buenos Aires tomorrow, can't wait, but 
as 2010 comes to a close I feel I should post 2 more 
clothing lines that NEVER fail to impress me.

A.P.C.... This French clothing label is simple, detail 
oriented, and I could live in their clothes on the daily.

These Shoes are on my Holiday Wish list, if I don't blow it 
all in Buenos Aires, I will look into purchasing. To see 
more click here
45 rpm... this Japanese label was introduced to me by my 
dad. I have visited their Soho store for years now, 
and their garments are Japanese fine art.... just really 

I am always drawn to the men shirts in the store, and I 
love stealing my dads for the day.

I want that green plaid jacket.
To see more click here



One response to “From France to Japan

  1. ahhh you’re in Buenos Aires! Amazing!!!! can’t wait to see pictures/so jealous! Post pictures soon about your shopping finds! xo


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