Life Footage: Black Tie Evening

wut was it? My dad was honored as man of the year for the 
charity organization which raises money for cancer and Aids 
research, The City of Hope. I was blown  away by how much 
my money my Dad was able to raise for them this year. It hit 
me how much this man does while I am away at in nyc doing 
the college grind. I hope my success follows in his 
footsteps, so I can make a difference like this one day.  
Here are snapshots from my disposable of the Black Tie Gala 
at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. 

The Dress was a 1930's vintage dress from What Goes Around 
Comes Around, NYC.... If I can't design it, I have to go 

Steph was my date... her dress is from H&M, they have awesome 
affordable party dresses out right now, if you need a New 
Years Dress, go there, there are tons

The well deserved Honoree 
To learn more about the City of Hope, click here


One response to “Life Footage: Black Tie Evening

  1. YAY! Been waiting for this post! You look STUNNING. Beautiful dress! Please come shop vintage clothes with me soon! Would love to catch up!! xo


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