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From France to Japan

Going shopping in Buenos Aires tomorrow, can't wait, but 
as 2010 comes to a close I feel I should post 2 more 
clothing lines that NEVER fail to impress me.

A.P.C.... This French clothing label is simple, detail 
oriented, and I could live in their clothes on the daily.

These Shoes are on my Holiday Wish list, if I don't blow it 
all in Buenos Aires, I will look into purchasing. To see 
more click here
45 rpm... this Japanese label was introduced to me by my 
dad. I have visited their Soho store for years now, 
and their garments are Japanese fine art.... just really 

I am always drawn to the men shirts in the store, and I 
love stealing my dads for the day.

I want that green plaid jacket.
To see more click here



Boys, boys, boys

I am  doing it, I am giving my advice on how guys should
dress. I have spent many  years browsing the floors of 
store's with my dad, and need to speak up. Face it, some 
of you could use guidance, well here it is.
I am  speaking from my perspective, so keep in mind my
taste will  reflect the men's clothing I like. No crazy kicks,
insane graphic t's, or baggy jeans here... sorry, just not
my style
The looks... these earn guys big points, but make it your
own, wear what feels comfortable. The worst is a guy trying
to pull off something, and failing.
The euro-vintage guy. When a guy wears jeans as tight as 
mine,... not tight. But skinny is always the way to go, just 
please, make sure there is room in the thigh, and your balls 
can breath... for your sake and mine. 

All Saints makes a good skinny that is slim on the bottom, 
but roomier up top. Most of there lookbook is styled with
European, vintage style, but without questioning the guys 
sexuality.... though gay guys are not afraid to wear 
whatever the hell they want, and more need to guys get the 
same attitude.

(Not feeling these shoes, too contrived)

Any of the above looks will do. It shows a girl he has a
strong sense of style and is not afraid to show it. I am not
saying wear All Saints head to toe, please don't, you can get
the same looking things at thrift stores, be creative. To see
more click here
The Preppy-Artistic guy. He is a less trendy version of
above. Maybe doesn't feel as comfortable pulling those
clothes off, but still has a sense of style.

A.P.C... for more click here
The "cool" guy. He is keeping it casual in a skinny/ slim
straight jean, graphic T, band T, or flannel/ button up. He 
probably DJ's.... whatever that means anymore, that label
is thrown around like the "actor"  living in LA. It takes a 
little more than having a stalked iTunes library, mastering
dj- hero, downloading an amateur mixing program, and
playing house parties, sorry guys.

WESC... to see more click here
He might also wear

Urban Outfiters, to see more click here

Maybe your a mix, or have your own look. I know I am
all over the place with my style. Don't stick to one, mix 
it up, find your own

Recommended stores on the pricier side

Opening Ceremony
Seven New York  They have great tanks and tees

Will be posting more soon.

Behind the Scenes

wut is it? Backstage snapshots I came across from V
Magazine of great collections from the Spring 2011 shows.


Rick Owens

More of a Fall fan for Rick Owens... his leather jackets
are insane

They have killed it season after season lately. This
collection comes close to Euro-Trash territory, but the
details and amazing fit keep it in couture status... this is
why I have to love them, for daring to go there and pulling
it off. 
Alexander McQueen... the first collection without the man
behind the name, may he rest in peace.

Sarah Burton was appointed the new Artistic Director, and
a job well done. She embodied the McQueen aesthetic, and
gave it a fresh spin, much-needed after the dark fall designs
(the last collection the late McQueen designed.) Sarah was
the best for the job, she has worked as the late McQueen's
assistant since 1996.
For more click here