Life Footage

wut is it? snap shots of my life, an easy way to show my 
everyday style, and new items. Here are some disposable 
pics of when my best friend Stephanie was visiting last 
week in NY.... the two of us together shouldn't be legal...

Jacket: Good will, New Fur Vest: Marc Jacobs, T-shirt: 
TheBlack Keys, Jeans: J Brand Agnes, Shoes: All saints

The vest is very clutch, keeps me perfectly warm, and I 
can layer under anything, It's so light and the fur is sewn
in with a knit, great for small girls like me because fur
vests can tend to not be so flattering.

Not sure what Steph is wearing, but she always looks 
awesome, she has a unique sense of style too, and owns it, 
why I love her

Location: Stairwell of the Hudson studio's for the J Brand 
Spring 11 campaign shoot, only place to smoke.

Location: The park at the water front, Williamsburg, BK

On me: Jacket: L'agence, Fur Vest: Mark Jacobs, Linen 
Shirt: Good Will, Shorts: J Brand, Tights: American 
Apparel, Shoes: Aldo, Bag: 1970's vintage Dooney & Bourke
Location: My block, before Saturday night dinner, weird to
go to fam dinner with Steph in NY, was like LA good times in 
a cooler, colder city. 

Picked up this stash neckace for her at a flea market a 
couple weeks ago, it just screamed steph, had too. 

Location: My room 



One response to “Life Footage

  1. love the feel of the photos.
    the stash made me laugh…check out the stash i got to wear in my new post too when you get a chance:)
    when are we getting together?!

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