Photo Shoot

wut was it? The Spring 11 add Campaign shoot for J Brand.
My best friend Stephanie was visiting last week, and her
first day  in town we headed over to get the delicious free 
food... but it actually turned out to be a great day. It was 
awesome to see my Dad hard at work putting in his input 
and vision,  but being a team player with the stylist, 
makeup team, and photographer to make the final product

Look out for the campaign in the magazines this Spring.

Iphone Images...

My Dad, Stephanie the J Brand Marketing Director (She
is one of the coolest women) and the stylist, with model
Lilly Aldridge. We used her again, she is so sweet, and 
stunning in person.... did not expect any less

What a view...

I thought the ceiling looked so cool as the sun went down... 

The most fun for me was my Dad asking me for my input
on a couple of the shots. I was surprised, and thought
why me? your Mr. J Brand, your the genius, but its pretty 
cool my dad values my opinion, thanks dad...

He is being honored for City of Hope's Man of the year
this Saturday, I am very proud... Post will be coming soon

2 responses to “Photo Shoot

  1. awesome! can’t wait to see the pictures!!! Thanks for sharing girl!
    let’s get together soon!

  2. ps. congrats to your dad! can’t wait to see the post/what you ended up wearing :) have a happy thanksgiving!!!

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