Fall decided to come overnight in nyc. I went from living 
comfortably in layers, my leather jacket and wool blazer,
to pulling out coats, and fur. I have acquired quite the 
collection living in nyc. I will admit never thought I would,
but it's the only thing keeping this LA native warm.
I am a not built for the cold, but I accept it in style.

Last night my friend Danica and I were trying to get a cab
over to the east village. We decided to be those girls with 
no shame and have a photo shoot with my iphone in front
of the Houston and Bowery wall.... After all we were rocking 
awesome fur while standing in front of an awesome wall,
so the moment needed to be seized. 

Danica got this jacket for the amount of....     5 bucks
Total insanity, this is the best thrift store gem you could
find. (That store clearly doesn't want money, this jacket could
easily go for 100+)

Thrifting in Jersey, I need to get on that

This is my new favorite item from L'agence that just arrived 
on my door step. A fox fur stole with pockets, need I say  
(also wearing, Shirt: L'agence, Jeans: J Brand (Big time, 
a fall favorite) Coat: My Tribe, Bag: Alexander Wang Brenda
chain zip)

To see another image of the stole see this post

Cute boys walking by were nice enough to help
Not surprised the wall has been tagged by others already.
It has been up since august.

The current art is the product of Barry McGee (San Fran
painter and graffiti artist) with the help of colleague Josh
Lazcano(Amaze). They filled the wall with the tags of fellow
graffiti artist from the start of the movement until
today, leaving their own tags for last. I love the simplicity
of this idea, it's the refreshing spin the wall needed after
Shepard Fairey's contribution last Spring.  For a wall
created to pay respect to street artist, there is no
better, subtle, yet striking way to do it then with a
can of red spray paint. Not just clever, but genius 

Before the wall was subjected to contributions 

One response to “Furrreezing

  1. love the furs!
    Passed this wall the other day! What a coincidence!


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