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Life Footage

wut is it? snap shots of my life, an easy way to show my 
everyday style, and new items. Here are some disposable 
pics of when my best friend Stephanie was visiting last 
week in NY.... the two of us together shouldn't be legal...

Jacket: Good will, New Fur Vest: Marc Jacobs, T-shirt: 
TheBlack Keys, Jeans: J Brand Agnes, Shoes: All saints

The vest is very clutch, keeps me perfectly warm, and I 
can layer under anything, It's so light and the fur is sewn
in with a knit, great for small girls like me because fur
vests can tend to not be so flattering.

Not sure what Steph is wearing, but she always looks 
awesome, she has a unique sense of style too, and owns it, 
why I love her

Location: Stairwell of the Hudson studio's for the J Brand 
Spring 11 campaign shoot, only place to smoke.

Location: The park at the water front, Williamsburg, BK

On me: Jacket: L'agence, Fur Vest: Mark Jacobs, Linen 
Shirt: Good Will, Shorts: J Brand, Tights: American 
Apparel, Shoes: Aldo, Bag: 1970's vintage Dooney & Bourke
Location: My block, before Saturday night dinner, weird to
go to fam dinner with Steph in NY, was like LA good times in 
a cooler, colder city. 

Picked up this stash neckace for her at a flea market a 
couple weeks ago, it just screamed steph, had too. 

Location: My room 



Photo Shoot

wut was it? The Spring 11 add Campaign shoot for J Brand.
My best friend Stephanie was visiting last week, and her
first day  in town we headed over to get the delicious free 
food... but it actually turned out to be a great day. It was 
awesome to see my Dad hard at work putting in his input 
and vision,  but being a team player with the stylist, 
makeup team, and photographer to make the final product

Look out for the campaign in the magazines this Spring.

Iphone Images...

My Dad, Stephanie the J Brand Marketing Director (She
is one of the coolest women) and the stylist, with model
Lilly Aldridge. We used her again, she is so sweet, and 
stunning in person.... did not expect any less

What a view...

I thought the ceiling looked so cool as the sun went down... 

The most fun for me was my Dad asking me for my input
on a couple of the shots. I was surprised, and thought
why me? your Mr. J Brand, your the genius, but its pretty 
cool my dad values my opinion, thanks dad...

He is being honored for City of Hope's Man of the year
this Saturday, I am very proud... Post will be coming soon

A Hobby

When I was in elementary school I always had a love for art,
it felt natural. My art teacher Mr. Young, who was the man,
in 3rd grade submitted my art into a local art fair for
the elementary school division, and I won 3rd place (pretty
good considering I was the youngest to place in the top 5,
5th graders usually swept 1st through 5th place). Then
that piece traveled a children art fair across the state
of California, and a year and a half later I got it back. 
Unfortunately I did not continue with art after elementary
school because I got heavily into acting. It is something I
regret, but this summer my awesome best friend Stephanie
pushed me to start sketching faces again, and create art
after I was reminiscing one day about it. 
The latest piece I worked on was painting this beat up
guitar case I found last summer on a street of nyc waiting
to be taken away by the morning garbage truck.

Last summer I needed something to use to store junk in so
I took the case, after all it was free. Now that I
accumulating trunks to store my stuff, the guitar case laid
vacant in my room. Art had become a hobby so I decided
to paint it. I knew I wanted a hippie piece van feeling, but
with an edge. I had experimented with the idea of
newspaper, something I fell in love with on my last piece.
So I took news paper and ripped it up, crinkled some
pieces for texture, and adhesive sprayed it in patches
onto the beat up black guitar case. Then I painted the
flowers, and had the idea to fill it up with a floral pattern,
but stepped back after a couple, and decided that was
enough, so filled the patches between the newspaper
with color. 

Here are images of the process..

Pretty boring, something was missing
Then came the 2am splatter paint binge... It made all the

All images courtesy of my iphone
Here is my first art piece I created at the end of summer.
It's a sketch turned into a portrait of my best friend
Stephanie. Thought it would be best to dedicate my first
piece to her, I would not have created art again without
her pushing me.
The picture it was inspired by

The art

Disclaimer:  this was done completely raw, started on 
computer paper, with a crappy  #2 pencil. Now that I 
have gotten into this I learned that's not the best way
to sketch..... oh well art has no rules