12th Planet Video

I am currently working away in a coffee shop on a profile
I am doing on my buddy 12th planet for my journalism class 
(if you don't know, he is an LA based dubstep/electro DJ)...
thought I would share his sick music video for Reasons(Doctor 
P Remix) with Juakali....John was nice enough to let me
interview him for my profile article....what a 
funny/nice/smart/ suuuuuper talented guy... known him for 
a little less than a year now but never got to get that in
depth..it was awesome...he really knows his stuff, I learned 
a lotabout dubstep and its origins.
Side note: the shots of downtown LA are dope.....
yeahhh that's my home city

If you have not seen him live you must put it at the top of 
your list nowwww, that is of course if your a dub step junkie
like myself. He blows my mind every time....
Check out his myspace page for more....

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