Thrift Store Finds

Here are some more pieces I picked up at a Good Will in east 
LA a while back with my good friends Stephanie and Danica...
It was an experience to say the least...there were 2 dressing 
rooms, the 3 of us had piles of clothing to try on, and the 
east LA natives were FAR from discrete about their annoyance 
with us.......but most of the pieces were under 10 dollars, 
so it was worth getting cussed out.

(Army style jacket: Good Will, T-shirt dress:L'agence, Socks: 
paris flea market,Shoes:Aldo)

(Shirt:Good Will, Jeans: J Brands, 
Shoes: Vintage Dries Van Noten
 thanks to Sharon Gold at s.a.m showrrom, 
she has amazing style)
I think this shirt looks cuter in person, but I loved 
the 50's feeling,and the shoulder pads.


(See through button up: Good Will, Sweater: Feel the Piece, 
Jeans: J Brand)
This see through shirt is what I call a thrift store gem.
Also check out my cousin Tara's sweater company, super 
soft and comfortable, you will live in them I promise...
and this is not a plug, I don't lie on my blog...they are the 
most comfortable things I own. I have a hard time trying 
not to put a sweater daily, and in this fall weather it's so 
hard not to. They go with everything I own, and I love 
baggy anything,I linked shopbop's website to check them 
out for yourself...only certain styles available though
Side note: sorry for the messy room, working on a piece of 
art, painting a guitar case I had lying around to hang over 
the mantel

(Vest: Good Will, Linen Shirt: Good will, Jeans: J Brand)
Thought the vest went well with my rug( aka exhausted from 
the long day and did not feel like going outside for the last 
twoshots, but look it actually does match...). Love the 
Navajo-esque vest, it  be a great layer piece, and the linen 
shirt is J Crew, and long enough to pull off as a dress, 
a big plus... gotta love Good Will
Of course more to come, just went thrifting this past weekend 
and found a black velvet jacket...thrift store gem....
will be posted soon.....



One response to “Thrift Store Finds

  1. AH So jealous of your AMAZING FINDS! Please come shop with me at NY Vintage :)


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