V Magazine

wut is it? One of my favorite fashion/art/culture mags. The 
New York issue out now has two great fashion articles with 
insane spreads.
Saint Mark's Place: The irony in this photo spread is it's 
capturing the style of downtown denizens, specifically the
east village and LES, but they used designer  clothing 
including Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, The Row, Diesel 
Black  Gold, 3.1 Phillip Lim, etc....... If you ask someone on 
the street dressed like the model below where they  got their
clothing, their answer will most likely be thrift stores, good 
will, salvation army's....etc. The stylist choosing Dr.Martins 
andBess studded boots  was slightly more accurate....but I
would have liked to see more mixing  and matching. The 
velvet Marc Jacobs skirt (3rd pic below) with a thrift store
chunky sweater perhaps? This would be more truthful, 
because though some denizens purchase designer gear, most
don't, and either way they will not be in it from head to toe. 
The day a magazine uses an awesome beat up chunky 
sweater from a  good will for 6 bucks, instead of a 300 dollar 
recreated one from a  designer, I will bow down.....(come to
my closet I have tons.). Until  then we get beautiful 
romanticized images of east village style like pictured below.

(Alexander Wang, The row, Bess boots)

(Diesel, Calvin Klein, Cosabella)

(All Marc Jacobs, but customized tights, 
Dr. Martin boots)

(Baby Phat, Guess, Cosabella)

(Versus, Diesel, Dr. Martins...Trash and Vuadeville on him...
this is accurate)
Then there was the uptown downtown spread capturing the 
vast variety of new york style, it includes designs from 
Lanvin, Givenchy, Altuzarra, Donna Karen, 
Oscar de la Renta.......


To see the full spreads and check out more from V magazine 
click here

One response to “V Magazine

  1. Huge fan of that whole “downtown-grunge/rock star” style. I’m such a downtown girl when it comes to that! But of course love how they mix in those big expensive names! Makes it so chic! Love all these shots!


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