Inside scoop

wut is it? A new wash in the Agnes by J Brand. The color is 
worn hickory, a washed out Japanese twill, that will be in 
stores in the beginning of November. The Agnes is my new 
favorite style, its the perfect combination of subtle edge.

(Shirt:L'agence, Vest: I cut off the sleeves of denim Jacket, 
Jeans: J Brand)
Quick Tip:If you want the twill fabric to look even more worn 
in, I know I always do, I take a hand sander I picked up from
the hardware store and sand down near all the zippers, 
waistband, J stitch, and knee, or any area where it's already 
To see more images of this style click here
Getting this shot was not easy, but my friend Shana was 
determined, I was nervous, not going to lie, I thought I was 
going to fall and break my leg, but we did it.... and it was
worth it, thanks Shana.

Photo Credit: Shana Tauber


2 responses to “Inside scoop

  1. Thanks for the insider’s scoop!!! Love the fact that you’re scaling a building! HA, fun pictures!


  2. oh, so need the agnes in navy sateen. so jealous of your connections.

    love you, girl!

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