Fall Favorites

wut are they? They will be images I will put up weekly of
favorite items from my favorite designers fall collection's.
Some will also be from fashion lines I also obsess over.
I challenge you to browse the websites of your favorites as
well, to either purchase, or get ideas of what you want to be
repping this fall. Remember there are always cheaper
versions out there to satisfy your personal style, don't give
up because of an outrages price tag....
3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2010

3.1 Phillip Lim Holiday 2010

What I love about Mr. Lim is he creates beautiful feminine
pieces that a girl like me (who tends not to dress girly what
so ever) can wear his designs and feel pretty, but still
herself. Nothing is too form fitting and over sexy, but the
silhouettes and embroidery are perfectly feminine. He also
has amazing basics like the leather vest, and patchwork
leather/ leopard jacket that you can make your own. I
appreciate designers who make great pieces people can
wear any way they want.... it promotes everything I stand
for: individual style. Click here to see more...
Helmut Lang Fall 2010

Is there enough black? Well I personally can never get enough
black for fall, which is why I love this line. I also have
some Austrian in me, and being the original designer, Mr,
Helmut Lang himself is from Vienna, Austria it could be the
cause for my Lang fever. In 2004 Prada Group bought 51%
of the company, and Mr. Lang unfortunately left in 2005....
Prada struggled to keep the brand hot, so sold it to the
Japanese company Link Theory. They relaunched the label
in 2007 with new designers who are definitely getting it right.
It was always a brand about simple refined designs, and Link
Theory has brought the brand an edge that has made me a
huge fan. Leave it to the Japanese....they know what
there doing.
This is a perfect line that also creates unique basics which
you can make your own...especially on an everyday level.
Click here for more
More Fall Favorites to come.........

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