Argentina…yes there is more

I know I was MIA for a bit, but Labor day weekend kept me
busy... Here are some more images of other Argentine
company's I think need to be seen.



These are from Cora Groppo's summer line out now, but I 
also need to post their last season winter collection, they 
have insane winter designs .



click here to view the full winter/ summer 2010 collections.
Very much looking forward to seeing their fall 2011
collection in stores when I go in December/January.....
Here is an image from the Maria Cher summer 2010/11 ad cute

below are more of the summer looks




Click here to view the full lookbook
When I first walked into Rapsodia in Buenos Aires I
thought "ok the Urban Oufitters/ Anthropoligie of
Argentina," which it very much is, but way better. Here is
their summer2010 add campaign... loving the effortless
feeling in the shots.

click here to keep browsing
The styling for the campaign is very interesting, especially
the last shot, its clashing, but it works.....



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