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Spring 11 fashion week

The C's
Charlotte of my favorite the 
feminine twist of the 90's grunge, the floor length floral's, 
and everyone who knows me knows I was all about the 
chunkysocks and heals throughout winter onto spring and
summer, and to this day

Christian Cota...another CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund nominee. 
I like his prints, and the clothes flow beautifully

Cushnie et Ochs...this is a young line designed by Carly 
Cushnie and Michelle Ochs....I love their darker spin on 
spring, the patchwork sheer tops are fantastic... and the 
dresses are stunning.

(Notice the 3 inch spikes in the heals.....)
I am liking all the neutral and black I am seeing throughout
the collections. Also I am giving up doing it alphabetically, 
and the next post will be of the rest of my favorites, its to 
much work to do them all....

2011 Spring Fashion Week

Now on to the B's
Band of Outsiders...introduces Girl... I like Band of 
outsidersbecause they are based in my hometown of 
LA...I always saidif I were a guy it would be one of my 
go to brands, and then they created Boy, and it was a 
reason for me to stop trying to pull off their men's clothing,
which was probably to big for me anyway....(but I am a girl 
who always went into her dads closet to borrow flannels,and
sweaters etc.. since about 14)...anyway they introduced Girl, 
a more feminine side to the brand,... along with their 
spring 11 collection and boy its good....

Bensoni.....I am now a huge fan...this line is the 
collaboration of Benjamin Channing Clyburn and Sonia 
Yoon, designers who met at Parsons School of Design...
this is not the first Parsons collaboration which has proven 
to be golden (Proenza Schouler). I appreciate the beautiful 
floor length skirts and dresses, and the long jumpers. I am a 
huge fan of floor length skirts/ dresses, and love to rep them 
even if I am not on the tall side. They're effortlessly
beautiful, and I need to save up for one of these below....

BCBG Max Azria..... ok I wasn't even going to look, but then I 
only thought it was fair...and I am very glad I did....they
took a refreshing spin with this collection...with simple 
and elegantly chic these dresses, its what is missing out
there right now, sometimes simplicity is just as dramatic 
and effective as the intricate or geometrical designs...I am 
also aBIG advocate of pockets on dresses, even beautiful 
silk ones, so it makes me very pleased to see this in their 

I need to pick out a dress for November because my pops is 
Man of the  Year for City of Hope this year, and I am kind of 
sad these won't be  available until the spring...there are 
about7 I would be more than  happy to wear...oh well...Dad 
can you get honored for something else  awesome in the 
Springplease?.....I need to have one of these dresses
Betsey Johnson...oh Betsey....the past couple seasons have 
been not so good...I grew up loving this woman, and her 
edgy yet feminine quality. She could take a pretty floral print 
and make it bad ass. She created sexy,cool.... The beginning 
of the show was...well..more like Halloween 2010?... but 
towards the end of the show I was glad to see some old Betsy
coming back...I will start with the good

Now the not so good.....I mean I guess I have to give her 
props for her balls? decide...

Click here for all the Spring 11' run way looks up so far... 
on to the C's....

2011 Spring Fashion week

So New York Fashion week is here, and I will be posting
images of what I think is worth seeing. I will post 
alphabetically starting with the A's
Altuzarra is a CFDA/Vogue fashion fund nominee and he did 
an amazing job in my opinion. He took risks, and I am loving 
the gowns at the end of the show. There is also a great 
variety in the collection that will attract a range of taste, 
from the bold to the basic costumer.

Alexander Wang......there is no black! and job well done, 
great pastel color palette....but nothing visually stunning 
in my opinion

Alexandre that he is Brazilian( we all 
know how I feel about fashion in South America... in love)
and he's partly jewish. I was not thrilled about his fall/ 
winter 10/11 collection, but he won me over for spring 11....
also I am feeling the styling, its visually bold...I respect 

A Detacher.....designed by Mona Kowaska...what I love 
about her collection is I can live in it everyday...I am a 
fan of designs that look comfortable, but are not too
simple, because my style is far from that.

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.....B's will be up soon...