Monthly Archives: August 2010

Thrift Finds

wut are they? Awesome inexpensive clothing I find in flea 
markets, goodwill/ salvation army's, or little thrift stores 
I pop into. As great as designer clothing is, sometimes there 
is nothing like finding a unique piece at a bargain price and 
making it your own.

This is a dress I picked up in a flea market in Florence, 
Italy back in the summer of 08'

I got this dress at the Fairfax flea market in LA. It went to 
the floor, so I hemmed it shorter, I reconstructed the top so
it would halter, and I pinched above the bust line to create 
that cute shape.

I got this jacket for 4 dollars at a salvation army in upstate
New York, it has been my summer jacket.
 (Photos courteous of Tessa Matyas)

Dub Craziness

wut is it? A Marvin Gaye Dublo Dubstep remix that blew 
my mind when my friend Danica dropped it on the way 
to Laguna.
Had to share....


wut is it? The Little Black Jumper. If your a girl like me
party dresses are not really your thing, so when I have to
 get dressed up my L'agence jumper is my go to. This is my 
replacement staple for the little black dress. Sometimes its 
not about wearing the latest "It" item when you go out, its 
taking a simple item, and accessorizing it with your 
own taste.

(L'agence silk jumper, J Brand denim jacket, Alexander 
Wang spring 09' shoes)
A flirty summer outfit, perfect for a Sunday afternoon party, 
and then out that night.


(Zara boyfriend Blazer, Aldo shoes)
If I have to be more formal a black blazer never fails and 
keeping on my daily essentials helps me personally feel 
more comfortable. Electric blue might have been big for
 last fall, but I still rep it, its a great color that makes a 
statement without overdoing it.
(Pics credits: Tesa Matyas)