Nail Duo’s

wut are they? All the different nail duo's I have had over 
the past year or so. I was looking through my iphoto and
noticed there are a lot of random shots of my hands, and 
then noticed all the crazy nail colors and combination's I
have sported. I would say my nail duo's are something I 
am known for among my friends, I always have something
different on.

It started in Spring/summer of 09 when I started wearing 
turqiose and teal colors, I fell in love with Greenport by 
Esse...then that color, among other light teal's were all 
over the fall 09 issue's of magazines...I swear I don't plan 
those things, they're just a coincidence

I had to be different then all the magazines of course... and 
also I loved Greenport but I had to change it up, I could not 
look at that color on my nails alone anymore. Thus the first
 nail duo was born...Esse-Greenport and OPI-Lincoln Park 
after Dark. I rept it all fall/ winter and even into spring

I started this summer with mint greens and dark oranges

Then I experimented with hunter green and mint green....
hunter green will definitely be the main color for my fall 
winter duo's, it's my new staple color, I can't get enough.

Jade is the new Black by OPI, cool green color but it looks 
better on my friend Denica
wut is your nail duo..?



One response to “Nail Duo’s

  1. total fan of those RINGS!!!


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