Agentina Follow Up

It just got confirmed I am going back to Buenos Aires this
winter, and it will be summer down there, so I won't freeze
my but off like last time. I know most of you did not click on
the links to see the insane clothing for some of the
company's I mentioned in the last post so here are looks
that stood out to me.

Click Trosman for more....Incredible detailing....


Click AY NOT DEAD for more
I hate to say its like a cross between American Apparel and
Top Shop..basics and cute looks..but it kind of is. This is
their spring/summer line, south of the equator the seasons
are different, in case you were not aware...but I hope
you were






Click Ayres for more
Also their SS'10 collection
I am feeling these Proenza Shouler/ J Brand inspiration

Anyways, I'm bringing empty suitcases.....







3 responses to “Agentina Follow Up

  1. PS. Take me with you to Argentina?!

  2. Why aren’t my responses showing up? I tried posting a few times.
    A. I love the proenza jbrands
    B. I keep trying to post saying that I am WEIRDED OUT as I actually have (you won’t even believe me) the same trosman pictures in my iphoto archives and I have been debating about when to post them! It’s scary, we are apparently on the same page! Amazing!!! Thanks for tweeting this my way!

    And I hope this response shows up! In 10mins all the lost ones will probably appear anyway!


  3. Hey girl, no worries, I have to approve all the comments before they show for future reference.And how amazing is trosman, I have more aregntine designers/ clothing companies to post about this week

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