Thrift Finds

wut are they? Awesome inexpensive clothing I find in flea 
markets, goodwill/ salvation army's, or little thrift stores 
I pop into. As great as designer clothing is, sometimes there 
is nothing like finding a unique piece at a bargain price and 
making it your own.

This is a dress I picked up in a flea market in Florence, 
Italy back in the summer of 08'

I got this dress at the Fairfax flea market in LA. It went to 
the floor, so I hemmed it shorter, I reconstructed the top so
it would halter, and I pinched above the bust line to create 
that cute shape.

I got this jacket for 4 dollars at a salvation army in upstate
New York, it has been my summer jacket.
 (Photos courteous of Tessa Matyas)

2 responses to “Thrift Finds

  1. I am SO not good at thrifting (getting better)
    You’ll have to teach me! Ugh!


  2. Oh I am such a thrifter, I will show you the ropes, the key is to leave the city, good wills and salvation armys out in jersey or upstate ny

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