Bell is Back

Bringing back the bell. I always love a great elephant bell,
and I notice denim company's usually push boot cuts and
bell bottoms for spring. I get where they are coming from,
that is when boho chic is more prevalent, and people can
look cute in their floral tops, and 70's inspired bells. This
fall many company's are pushing the boot cut for a trend,
but I say go more extreme and wear the exaggerated bell.
And don't wear the bell with 70's inspired clothing, grunge
it up, make it bad ass, or whatever you feel will look good.
Here is one spin on the fall bell bottom...

(did not hem them in time....whoops)

(L'agence moto jacket, L'agence sleeveless silk button up,
beanie I stole from my best friend, Marc Jacobs ring,
Alexander Wang fringe booties)
Pics courtesy of Tessa Matyas

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