Argentina Style

wut is it? Its awesome. Last summer I was lucky enough to 
visit my best friend while she went home to Argentina for 
thesummer...well winter south of the equator. While 
freezing my butt off in Buenos Aires I was amazed to find
some of the coolest style I have ever seen. Parisian's eat 
your hearts out, Argentine's might be the coolest dressed 
people I have seen yet. They make it seem effortless with 
their unique garments that make you feel one of a kind, 
insane shoes, and of course the best leather jackets. A huge
plus is with the American dollar the best designer gear in 
Argentina is very affordable for the quality your getting. My 
favorite buy of the trip was a Belgian sheep fur vest from 
Coragroppo.  The cut was unlike any  I have ever seen, with 
a racer back, and the front hangs longer than the back, so it 
looks so cute peaking through under cropped jackets.  I 
would have bought everything in the store..... oh well next 
time.... when I have an unlimited budget

My next favorite buy was this unique jacket from 
Maria Cher. This store was a mix of beautifully tailored 
clothing for women who want to go to work making a 
statement, and then great contemporary wear. Perfect casual 
clothes you throw on and will look somewhat put together 
without trying (my favorite kind).

I also picked up this cute floral top from Rapsodia, the
Argentine equivalent to anthropology, but better. On the 
website under tendencias you can see the different styles 
they emulate.

(All above photos were taken by Tessa Matyas,  check out 
her blog)
The Shoes... Well of course they have the best leather shoes.
I only have pics I snapped on my iphone because I left them
back in new york, but the post would not be complete 
without the shoes. If I had more money to spend I would
have came back with a suitcase full :/

I also found the fringe bag I set out to find before the trip, 
and it is my favorite satchel, the best music festival bag, 
it carried everything I needed for Coachella and Bonnaroo. 
Found this at Prune

Here are other awesome stores I would have done major 
damage in if I had the budget. These websites speak for 
themselves. Argentina really has the coolest fashion, and 
they are the best dressed people I have come across.
Trosman.... enough said
AY NOT DEAD..... Top shop wishes they were this cool
Wanama....where the studded combat boots came from
Ricky Sarkany.....sick shoes
Maggio Rossetto....great accessories






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